Wu Tang Death Star t-shirt

Wu Tang Death Star t-shirt

Maybe it’s not perfect, maybe there are to many criminal mystery books and mine just won’t sell. At least I am trying, and some day soon I will have written a book. I also fear my own Wu Tang Death Star t-shirt will keep my from ever achieving my goal of becoming a published author. But I’m trying to overcome those fears and push forward. I’m so happy that you have been able to get a taste of that dream. Hopefully someday I will join you in the ranks of the professional authors.  You will experience emotions like no others.

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The accomplishment is phenomenal. A lot is lost to others because it is so easy to pick up a book and read it in next to no time without knowing nor appreciating the amount of work, passion and commitment that goes in behind the scenes. Relish your Wu Tang Death Star t-shirt and use the enthusiasm generated to launch yourself into your next piece. Congratulations and good luck for the future. That takes sooo much courage. I know this so well, being a creative myself. It is terrifying to do what you LOVE to do. I battle it constantly.

Wu Tang Death Star unisex t-shirt

Your story is a little more courage I get to put in my courage backpack. I’m so happy for you. Wishing you continued courage in putting it out there. The pursuance of dreams and goals often take an incredible amount of courage, persistence, and faith. We often have to start small before we reach the top. I’m so happy that you received your prize and that you get to tell your mother. I’m hoping she’ll be proud. This is the start of the beginning. I have felt the same way many times.

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I have read fantastic stories along the way and felt like I can’t be.as good. Many say I can be a good author and moma was telling me last night how my my English is exceptional but I still have doubts. From Uganda, English being not our first language, believing that you can write something amazing you have to have a nerve of steel. But your Wu Tang Death Star t-shirt is so encouraging. My 6th grade English teacher told me I had a gift for writing and I always wanted to be an author. I’ve started and never finished so many stories.

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Congratulations on being published. Whether this is just the beginning or the only time, you’re still an author. You have always been a writer and you always will be. Its is not for the small ego mind to determine the worth of your creativity. Each word releases beauty and live into the world whether they are read or not. Keep creating from the heart and exploring with where and how you can stand in your creative presence.

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