Types of Mushrooms horizontal canvas

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This lady is awesome. Very lucky to have a friend like this. The fox knows he is safe. It a wonderful friendship. We here in Maine feel the Types of Mushrooms horizontal canvas. In addition I really love this same way with them wildlife. We have 10 Acers of woods and fields where the Deer, Turkey, Chipmunks and Squirrels Red &amp Gray can come and be safe. We don’t attempt to make contact with either.

We do have a fox in the area, but it keeps that distance. That was beautiful. She respected the animal’s life. Loved it. Her name is Dora. The fact that she didn’t name this fox Swipe seems like a missed opportunity. Love this woman and her friendship with the foxes. It’s a thing of beauty. Beautiful video. Love the respect you have for nature and all wildlife.

Types of Mushrooms horizontal canvas, hoodie, tank top, sweater and long sleeve t-shirt

Types of Mushrooms horizontal canvas landscape

Types of Mushrooms horizontal canvas landscape

I love this. This is how I’d like to live. All animals are safe in my yard, too. I love foxes and I would want nothing better than to have a friendship with one of these beautiful animals, but unless an animal is hurt or desperately needs help from a human, for their sake, we should not encourage wild animals to trust humans. It almost always ends likely for the Types of Mushrooms horizontal canvas in addition I really love this animal.

I love that she respects the boundary of this beautiful wild animal. That touched me deeply. Growing up out in the country surrounded by wildlife, there was always a mutual respect. It is an experience I appreciate greatly now as an adult. Wonderful to watch this. I agree there’s no need to touch a wild animal. Just watching is enough. I do like this story.



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