Tombstone forgive me if I dont shake hands

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I hit it doing 110km still alive and then felt horrible leaving it the Tombstone forgive me if I dont shake hands so you should to go to store and get this end it would be really bad if he crossed the road and get hit by another car So is this how the expression “bird brain” came to be. Something tell the birds to fly UP and away and not into the car.13:02 who else was waiting for the bus or truck to come speeding by at the end. 13:02so it took him that long to realize he has to slide the birds head into the larger whole of the hood.

Well, he saved it good job. What a beautiful hawk so glad he was ok you guys that saved him are awesome that was awesome. You guys are so cool for saving wildlife like that am sure that hawk appreciated all in helping it. Good lord I wish the lady recording would be quiet and try to help instead of providing valley girl style commentary what a beautiful Tombstone forgive me if I dont shake hands t-shirt good job that guy was there.

Tombstone forgive me if I dont shake hands, hoodie, tank top, sweater and long sleeve t-shirt

He seemed to know what he was doing so glad this beautiful bird was outhits is a very skillful and caring man who is doing this for this wonderful beautiful bird of prey I cannot say enough to thank you free doing so much to save this absolutely beautiful hawk great job my friend great job. Glad she stopped and cared enough to make sure he was okay. Beautiful bird such a happy ending. Thank you so much for helping this beautiful hawk. This man was so good with the Tombstone forgive me if I dont shake hands so you should to go to store and get this hawk.

So happy it could fly away. Amazing. Thank you for showing such kindness & compassion. I see it’s stuck in a Honda it figures how to raise the hood in tilt the bird’s head sideways and then take him to a vet know he means well but hopefully he gets this bird of prey to a wildlife rehabilitator Kindness and great competence. I am proud to be human.


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