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They weren’t just chucked in to make the Official hope Michael Scott thats what she said art moreover I will buy this album sound ‘better’. The sounds were placed in the right place so that sometimes there was a real contrast between the beat and the lyricism flow. At other times, Kanye made a full on pop rap song like the song named waves for example. A calm flow accompanied by a melodic pop beat. I liked it.

Because Kanye put that effort in to make the song sound reasonably good. He did this with the whole album, experimenting with different sounds, artists and flows. I loved it. The reason I like shirts is because he has pure talent as a rapper and he has potential but the thing is that separates him from other rappers is that he uses that potential. We can always expect new flows, types of lyrics, flows and generally new music from him to sound good.

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This album was recommended to me by shirts, so thanks to him for that. I have been listening to kanye all day upon listening to this a shirts and I have been enjoying it so much. The primary reason as to why I love the Official hope Michael Scott thats what she said art moreover I will buy this college dropout is because every song relates to the album title in some way and I love that. It really gives you the feeling of a ‘college dropout’ just like shirts intended to do.

And plus, for once with an album, every single feature was good and contributed to the album’s overall sound fully. It’s amazing that with simple but effective production did shirts make an enjoyable album. Also, this album actually meant something and each song contributed to the meaning too. One of the few moans I have about the album is the lack of variation between the songs. The flows were different, but in terms of structure of verses and the choruses the songs are quite similar.


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