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You left out the Meet the Parents I have nipples Greg and I will buy this part where the kids get in trouble and you make them write a bible verse 500 times. I’m that mom. “Now give your brother a hug and tell him your favorite Bible verse.” I’m using that now in addition to our usual, “Now ask for forgiveness and then say you are forgiven. “Great memories of when I was raising my kids. Today — ANYTHING GOES and look what a mess the world is in.

My grandmother never allowed me to say “gosh” because it sounded too close to God. I love her for it. I literally thought the other day “Jesus only had 12 disciples so maybe that’s all people I should be allowing in my life.” “You may invite 12 friends to your party because that’s how many Jesus had”. Best logic weapon ever my friend’s mom would sing along with birds while she hung out the laundry. He’s the Lord, the Lord, Jesus. “This was so awesome.

Meet the Parents I have nipples Greg, hoodie, tank top, sweater and long sleeve t-shirt

I could relate to almost everything. I was on the Meet the Parents I have nipples Greg and I will buy this floor when he saw weather and started praying do that every day from now on my kids only get to have 12 friends at their birthday parties so thank you for that my husband’s parents always gave each kid three Christmas presents “because that’s what Jesus got.” The twelve friends made me think of that. We weren’t allowed to have a dirt devil or lucky charms either. Oh goodness this brings back memories. We couldn’t even SAY luck- it was always “blessed “And another.

The song “Have Yourself a Merry Little Christmas”.in the lyrics the word “fate” was highly frowned upon. Ham mother calls deviled eggs, “angel eggs” bc the devil doesn’t need any more credit. No joke, everyone at our church now calls them angel eggs. Converting sinner’s one “angel egg” at a time. Accurate. This was my childhood. I’m a Meet the Parents I have nipples Greg t-shirt kid. Jesus having 12 friends, all in their 30s. And everyone getting together to have dinner.


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