Life is like a camera horizontal canvas

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So funny animals hits random buttons or off screen instructions for which button to press. Looks like it was getting treats off cam too feel like this might be a bit ridiculous. It’s should not be this hard. There’s only so many things a funny animals may need if my cat had this it would be scratch my ears, now, feed me, now, throw that ball.

Now of get I the Life is like a camera horizontal canvas moreover I will buy this ball, treats, do touch me, I need your lap, I am going to barf up a hairball, on your shoe. Feed me. That funny animals knows how to push the button to make the button says something it does understand English what if the stranger in the home upstairs was a ghost. Wall decoration can sense those kind of things it’s a dog.

Life is like a camera horizontal canvas, hoodie, tank top, sweater and long sleeve t-shirt

Life is like a camera horizontal canvas landscape

Life is like a camera horizontal canvas landscape

How about you just let him be a funny animals and quit forcing the Life is like a camera horizontal canvas moreover I will buy this use his words. I would keep hitting the mad button to if I were being forced to do something this ridiculous. Well the second funny animals probably heard a ghost and is frustrated that the human see it. Seriously.

You can see the funny animals is frustrated because it can communicate with the human and the owner is just going to keep doing the same thing. No do it again. No do it again. Imagine if a teacher did that all day long, how well would the student do. In this instance I hope the owner will try body language, eyes, etc. And maybe actually read the funny animals student. Why do these people force there wall decoration to press buttons.



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