Labrador keep calm and wear a face mask

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Cheers to THE MAN and everyone behind it. Love you lots. They did an incredible job because I had no idea you were the Labrador keep calm and wear a face mask but in fact I love this man till I saw the credits. Please check out “The S’s Alliteration” on Amazon. It includes you. Someone is using your name on Facebook messenger dear I hope you report this pages dear I just wanted to remind u that okay GREAT JOB.

You all did an amazing job and I bet you had some good laughs walking around as “The Man”. I had to watch a few times to work out if it was actually you or not. Amazing work. And fab song that is a total ear wormer. For real. I hope there’s going to be a “making of video or something. So good. I love this album already. I can’t wait to memorize all of the lyrics. Bassetshirt has such a special way of telling a story and inviting us into her life. It’s such a beautiful, vulnerable thing to be a writer.

Labrador keep calm and wear a face mask, hoodie, tank top, sweater and long sleeve t-shirt

Dear Bassetshirt, did you miss history class? I pledge allegiance to the Labrador keep calm and wear a face mask but in fact I love this flag of the United States of America and to the REPUBLIC for which it stands. We are not a democracy, read the constitution. Fantastic stuff. I love watching you create the things that bring you joy, which ultimately brings us joy. Can’t wait to see what the future holds for you and us. Keep having fun. The work Bassetshirt does has always been amazing.

Don’t even need behind the scenes videos to prove it. Love seeing her work. Go Bassetshirt. Note: can’t get over Bassetshirt’s voice in man’s body Omg so weird to hear her voice coming out of that face. Such a great video. Love all her new work. Watching you as a man with your own voice is the biggest trip. You clearly had SO much fun with this. Cynics and haters will say this thanking artists stuff is all part of the brand. But the secret is, it does Labrador keep calm and wear a face mask t-shirt matter.


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