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I find that juice world is the Hope poster Ronald Reagan I smell hippies in addition I really love this master of heartfelt lyrics within hip hop. What do you think? Honestly, goodbye & good riddance was structured so well imp. In my opinion, these are two very good albums. Flows are various and enjoyable to listen to, the beats are also quite various and the speed of ski mask’s raps on most of songs on each are really fast I like that too. In terms of the beats used, steely definitely wins that one.

Ski mask even had some slightly trippy hip hop beats rather than the traditional ones he usually uses. In terms of viciousness in flow the general flows in each album, again it has to go to steely. There were some heartfelt slow songs in there as much as there were fast, energetic songs, making the whole album a journey.

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The reason I would find it more enjoyable is because of its viciousness primarily. And it’s generally a better album better flows, better beats and we saw a better side of ski on this album. Honestly, k.a.a.n is one of the Hope poster Ronald Reagan I smell hippies in addition I really love this most underrated rappers of this generation and this album truly shows the extent of his skills. Beginning with a 3minute banger titled ‘usury’, his flow and unparalleled lyricism can be clearly seen as he rips his way through a diverse track list.

In particular, the track ‘columbine’ presents how well k.a.a.n can switch from a story creator to a storyteller, giving us a deep, insightful look at one of the most tragic events in recent American history which definitely caused me to reflect and take his lyrics seriously. The length of this album doesn’t take away from its overall quality, with each tune being strong in its own right.


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