German Shepherd rules poster canvas

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God Bless this little one and all the German Shepherd rules poster canvas In addition,I will do this other babies. Great Video. Tear-jerking at the beginning, but beautiful ending. She’s a fighter/survivor. Hats off to you baby. A salute to the entire medical staff for saving this precious life. My granddaughter was 13 weeks premature weighing 2 half lb. and she is beautiful too we are blessed everyday she is 4 years and loves Elsa. Wow I watched every second of that.

So proud of parents staff and. She’s going to be unstoppable in life. I look forward to hearing updates in years to come. Amazing isn’t it amazing how resilient preemies. My daughter, Ariel born at 23 weeks gestation weighing. She was such a fighter but lived to be German Shepherd rules poster canvas in 2000. That’s why her middle name is Miracle. God bless and you as parents.

German Shepherd rules poster canvas, wall poster, wrapped canvas

German Shepherd rules poster canvas decor

German Shepherd rules poster canvas decor

Loved looking at her videos during STORY. It’s such a difficult but beautiful journey. I am grateful for that privilege to be her mom. Take care. What a sweet little thing. I was German Shepherd rules poster canvas old pre-matured baby. Believe it or when I was much younger I had some weird dreams or maybe images that I was in this big glass room. Sometimes I could see 1 or 2 huge human torso can see their faces in white, walking around my big glass window, fixing something to me.

When I was much older, I then realize it could me inside an incubator. It’s amazing I survived. Amazing it was so lovely to see how wonderful our doctors and nurses are she wouldn’t have made it without their love and care. I hope brings you lots of love and happiness she is beautiful god Bless the German Shepherd rules poster canvas In addition,I will do this family. Its lee a miracles. He is so handsome and look great. The parents so lucky for having him with an e miracles comes from our Dear God.


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