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I’m deeply in love with it. Swift. I’m so happy coz my name “charity” is one of the Elton John Rocketman Litho logo moreover I will buy this scenei love it thank you Emilyshirt swift what a talented queen. You will rise n shine even more prayers for you always omg I laughed so hard I cried. Thank you. Michael Jackson did some cool dir. Check out the making of thriller. I hope you get some recognition. I never heard back from someone posting on your page as you. Keep on keeping on. We are enjoying your journey. You’re an inspiration to us all. We would love to have you be involved with our nonprofit I support the girls. You’re a genius my queen. I still can’t get over your voice in the man’s body lol. Can’t wait to watch this when I get home from work. I think I will have that mini scream again coz of your hers lack of academic thoughts, makes her too sweeter. Who knows, might be nietzsche’ on the violin someday.

Elton John Rocketman Litho logo, hoodie, tank top, sweater and long sleeve t-shirt

Or she will be just sexy burning violin. All their work is appreciated. Fantastic video that sent a powerful and clear message. Everyone should be proud of their contribution. Emilyshirt you did indeed. ‘Own’ it. I loved the Elton John Rocketman Litho logo moreover I will buy this wall in the subway with all your previous art, and the if found return to Emilyshirt swift sign. And don’t think I missed the no scooters sign. Yes. A powerful video for a powerful song. Such an amazing job. They didn’t just turn you into the man, but a smashingly gorgeous man. Great job on the video, the transformation & the messages within.

You are better than the man, i’d like to watch the “behind of the scenes” I want to admire the perfect process of your transformation into the mani freaking love you Emilyshirt and seriously want to have an affair with your mind. Genius. Amazing Elton John Rocketman Litho logo transformation. You are better than the man because you are the woman. Appreciate you and your music. Love that you are sharing your opinions.


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