Dweezil and the Muthas logo t-shirt

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She couldn’t Dweezil and the Muthas logo t-shirt a wet paper bag. Who’s writing her information down? She’s clearly not smart enough to even write this shit down. You know she is wacko if she does not have enough sense to not go against Crenshaw. This woman is what happens when you do go out and vote. The voter turnout in her district was less than 10 percent. That is how she got elected.

She’s as LOONEY as Pelosi and Biden. Just saying why does this woman even have a voice put a cork in it nobody cares nobody wants to know what comes out of that empty head of your jellyfish have no brains and they are more functional than she is. Funny how none of the Dweezil and the Muthas logo t-shirt in addition I really love this people ranting about the wall live anywhere near the border she show try her argument in other countries. Please stop giving her time on the internet.

Dweezil and the Muthas logo t-shirt, hoodie, tank top, sweater and long sleeve t-shirt

Dweezil and the Muthas logo sweatshirt

Dweezil and the Muthas logo sweatshirt

I have stopped following pages because they seem to want to keep shoving this piece of crap down people’s throats. I get nauseated seeing and hearing her. Stop giving her the Dweezil and the Muthas logo t-shirt in addition I really love this publicity she so badly wants. Having one woman raped repeatedly is unacceptable. Knowing these children are coming without their parents is unacceptable.

Not to mention how many people all Dweezil and the Muthas logo t-shirt could potentially kill. Look into who arc works for and how she got into politics. Her Emilyshirt store got her the job. She even admitted this. Look into who runs her what group runs her. She is their puppet. This group were holding auditions for a face of the Democratic Party. Look at what that group represents. She is basically an actress. She loves to hear herself talk and acts like she knows what she’s talking about. Not so much.


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