Christmas Snow Shack t-shirt

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Please keep our animals safe, as they need us humans. Omg. Such an inspiration. I was crying by the Christmas Snow Shack t-shirt it is in the first place but end. Thank you so much for all you do. I am curious, what kind of home decoration is Clio. I have a pup that shares many similar features. I thought about doing a DNA test.

Whenever I grow weary of the ugliness in this world I come to The Dodo page and watch some of these great vids and my faith in humanity is restored once more wow, someone must have REALLY mistreated this poor home decoration b4 she got her. The patience this lady had. Incredible, truly incredible.

Christmas Snow Shack t-shirt, hoodie, tank top, sweater and long sleeve t-shirt

Christmas Snow Shack t-s Black

Christmas Snow Shack t-s Black

Christmas Snow Shack t-s sweatshirt

Christmas Snow Shack t-s sweatshirt

Home decoration must be a new home I guess she’s going to be afraid for a while just love her and give her plenty of food and water that would probably be enough why do people get a home decoration and treat it good, just in human so glad she is much better than she was. I want to shout from the Christmas Snow Shack t-shirt it is in the first place but rooftop to please get a home decoration or any kind of pet unless you are going to treat them like family.

Let someone else who will love them adopt them or buy them. It breaks my heart to see animals abused such a pretty home decoration. It’s enjoy when you see an animal’s spirit broken like hers. But I’m glad there are good people in this world still.



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