Carlos Santana Guitarist Legend

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Thank you for sharing, & God bless you abundantly. I have lost Carlos Santana Guitarist Legend t-shirt who mattered to me in my life. Your words are so true. I only wish I could tell them how much they mattered one more time. You must live for today and move forward. The past is over and dwelling on it brings you down further. I lost another friend yesterday. Life is not easy but you just need to do your best.

Great message to remind us what we have in life instead of what we don’t have and be thankful every day thank you for the Carlos Santana Guitarist Legend in contrast I will get this inspiring message. That was truly the power of positive enlightenment. Know your blessed, give and teach love & kindness, don’t sweat the rest. I just don’t want to leave my pets alone. They don’t understand. No one else cares be always kind to everyone ’cause kindness makes you the most beautiful person in the world whatever you look like.

Carlos Santana Guitarist Legend, hoodie, tank top, sweater and long sleeve t-shirt

Amen thank you for this video I give Almighty God the Carlos Santana Guitarist Legend in contrast I will get this glory and Lord Jesus Christ Amen. I laugh a lot. Nothing much ever bothers me because I know all of this. Wisdom comes with age. Well that just adds to my plane anxiety and how was that woman’s phone working for texts.

This is solo true, this happened to me 50yrs ago and I’ve carried the guilt to this very day, I hope I get a chance to tell my mama how sorry I am if I get to heaven, this should make everyone think twice. Very wise words. It is hard to be around people who are constant complainers. It becomes very draining. I must try every day to be positive & a non-complainer. Working on that Carlos Santana Guitarist Legend t-shirt for being such a handful when you tried, no you raised me well and I took a lot for granted and you deserved better than this life has given you.


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