Bon Scott highway to hell

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I absolutely love this album Emilyshirt. Best birthday present ever your album dropping on my birthday. Love you Emilyshirt. I was always defending you and was so proud that you stayed out of politics. I been to several of your concerts and traveled to be there. Never again. So sad. You should have stuck to singing and song writing. You have lost a lot fans and lost the Bon Scott highway to hell Additionally,I will love this respect of many of us. Dear Emilyshirt, did you miss history class.

I pledge allegiance to the flag of the United States of America and to the republic for which it stands. We are not a democracy, read the constitution. We are so proud of your courage to take back your music. I can’t wait for your re-releases to start dropping. My name is savannah. I am Bon Scott highway to hell t-shirt in first grade and I love your music. I am going to ask Santa for this record. My mom said I can go to your concert when I am older. This album is beautiful Emilyshirt.

Bon Scott highway to hell, hoodie, tank top, sweater and long sleeve t-shirt

Bon Scott highway to hell Sweatshirt


Bon Scott highway to hell unisex t-shirt

Bon Scott highway to hell unisex t-shirt

I seriously love every song. Amazing work. I convince you that I can be a perfect match for you, I don’t possess many talents but I do possess just enough to convince you to at least reply to my post but according to my best option will be to agree my decent proposal of marrying you. What do you say. It’s beautiful and has especially amazing lyrics. Each song is better than the Bon Scott highway to hell Additionally,I will love this last Emilyshirt, my 10 yr old is coming to see you in fox borough for the 2nd time. Her first was at your 1989 tour in washington dc. Hope u bring it. I love the whole album. They say am your long lost bro don’t think so a been banging your mother in England a can use this to slay you but happening world your good people.


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