Big Leo Christmas Jumper t-shirt

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You were right it did quickly spread to the Big Leo Christmas Jumper t-shirt also I will do this rich countries. But those packets are made of plastic. You can get it for your pool. It’s flocculent. You put it in and then just vacuum it out. Uploaded Nov. 5th, just before the coronavirus became a thing. Bill Gates’ words are so prophetic. When the next pandemic comes. Video from 2019.

And he’s talking with Bill Gates. Bill Gates talks the next pandemic will be worse than Ebola, in November 2019 when this video is posted. 2 months later, Covid 19 hits the rich countries and all over the world, coincidence or conspiracy. It’s crazy that he was talking about the next pandemic even without knowing that it would hit in 2020.

Big Leo Christmas Jumper t-shirt, hoodie, tank top, sweater and long sleeve t-shirt

Big Leo Christmas Jumper t-s Black

Big Leo Christmas Jumper t-s Black

Big Leo Christmas Jumper t-s tank top

Big Leo Christmas Jumper t-s tank top

Do forget nonmoving water may have had dead animals in it in the Big Leo Christmas Jumper t-shirt also I will do this past making the water undrinkable. We even use that at home here in the Philippines because we lack of access to drink a clean water. Towards the ends the ‘packet’ reminds me of TVF pitchers monologue when Naveen preaches how work remain even when human vanishes.

Have the morals Nestle or the current president. Wonder how long they have the patent or will charge poor countries or areas in need. I like how the Corps fool people into thinking they are the saviors of humanity amp; what about harmful germs of water, that powder substance kills water germs too or only clear out mud from water. So a year ago, Bill Gates mentions when the next pandemic comes.



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