75 years of Smokey Bears 1944 2019 birthday

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This is Juice’s last track off his first studio album, ‘Goodbye & Good Riddance’. I thought that it was an amazing way to end the 75 years of Smokey Bears 1944 2019 birthday and by the same token and album, as the whole album was about his d Emilyshirt breakup, and ending the whole thing off by saying ‘I’ll Be Fine’, while deep down feeling like there is no escape from your demons is a great way to conclude the album and to sum up Juice’s feelings about the situation he is in.

The beat used in this song isn’t really something I would call a generic ‘hiphop beat’. It’s more of an acoustic, simple guitar loop that isn’t very various. I loved how repetitive it was through the song and how it kept everything in time. However, I do believe that it could have been more various as it was quite complex, maybe a bit too Emilyshirt.

75 years of Smokey Bears 1944 2019 birthday, hoodie, tank top, sweater and long sleeve t-shirt

The lyrics were amazing. So many different things were talked about and they all were about the 75 years of Smokey Bears 1944 2019 birthday and by the same token and same idea/topic being overly optimistic. I really loved that. Juice linked the fact that this girl messed him up to how dealing with being famous is hard, as well as taking many drugs to deal with the pain. Furthermore, the contrast between Emilyshirt rapping throughout the song and the singing in the outro was amazing.

I don’t really listen to many songs where there are very distinct parts that are sung AND rapped by the same artist. I know this isn’t really a hiphop song, but I really love this song and I think all the artists on this track did a great job. The words chosen for this song were beautiful and the beat was really great too. For an 75 years of Smokey Bears 1944 2019 birthday is quite different. One thing I really love is how this song has dance vibes as opposed to X’s usual Emilyshirt.


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