Halloween Friends horror characters shirt

Halloween Friends horror characters unisex shirt

I guess the sirens had woken up the homeowner and when he came out. I asked if he wanted my Halloween Friends horror characters shirt or wanted to know what happened I said I saw your front bush was on fire..When I drove by Emilyshirt Animal Halloween and he kind of just looked at me and said oh yeah okay. But every time I drive by think about that and wonder why wasn’t anybody more interested in this random fire in the middle of the night. Did the homeowner set it himself. Did somebody walking by do it. I’ll never know.  My son and I were saved by some people. There was no ambulance, but without those people we would have drowned. I can’t tell you what happened to them.

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But I can say, if they’re alive, they think of you often. When we had a in-ground backyard pool put in, I chose to take a lifeguarding course so I’d be able to handle any possible emergencies. During my course they taught us that good swimmers can drown for a lot of reasons. They may experience a severe muscle cramp that stops their ability to swim. So they may have an asthma attack or heart issue that they’re unable to buy Halloween Friends horror characters shirt, they may hit their head while in the pool ,against a side wall.

Halloween Friends horror characters unisex shirt

For example, and become disoriented. They may not realize how tired they are until suddenly they’re too tired to swim, they may get caught up in a hazard, like the pool ladder in the story above. They may have been walking outside the pool and slipped and hit their head and fell in unconscious or disoriented. And they may get caught in an undertow at the beach and pulled out further than their stamina to swim back, etc.

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So hopefully that helps answer your curiosity. Brave and humble – wonderful combo. Bless you for your bravery and humanity. Wondering if you ever saw or heard from or about this Halloween Friends horror characters shirt you’d saved. I suspect he did survive, given the award said he ‘rescued a drowning man’. To me, that implies he did survive. Otherwise, I suspect it would have read more along ‘attempted to rescue’ or ‘recovered a drowned mans body’ or something of that sort.

Halloween Friends horror characters sweater shirt

In any event, it’s the courage, not the outcome, that earned the recognition. And personally, in my own mind, the man survived. I can see how my framing could have been perceived as arrogance or passive aggressive but I assure you that wasn’t the case. It just seems so rudimentary that I couldn’t understand how someone would miss it. Basically thats what I was trying to convey. My lack of being able to understand how that would happen, not at all indignation or anything of the sorts. Thanks for the trek reference though, I’m a fan and that was a funny comeback.

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